Self pay terms and conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions that apply when you Self-Pay for a package of treatment.

If you require treatment we will provide a fixed quotation for this, subject to a clinical assessment, and the service you require being provided at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which includes Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and West Middlesex University Hospital. Our fixed quotation will be provided to you following a satisfactory consultant assessment.


General terms

These terms and conditions, together with the written quotation and the agreement to the Terms and Conditions, form the basis of our contract with you. The quotation we offer you is only valid once you have received written confirmation from us. Our hospital and your consultant must be satisfied that you do not have any pre-existing medical conditions, or other factors, that are likely to give rise to complications, or the need for additional treatment, during your stay. Before confirming your admission, if appropriate we will use our clinical pre-assessment service to establish that we are able to treat you and we do reserve the right not to provide treatment if it is not clinically appropriate for us to do so.

  • You will be required to pay in full for your treatment before admission to hospital and before receiving any diagnostics or procedure.
  • You can pay by credit or debit card.
  • No refund will be given if you decide not to proceed with the treatment after admission to hospital or if you decide to discharge yourself, at any time, against the advice of your consultant or the nursing staff.
  • You will not be admitted to our hospital until we receive payment in full in advance.

Cancellation charges

  • For early cancellation (more than 14 days before planned treatment) a full refund will be given.
  • For cancellation between 14 and 24 hours of planned treatment cancellation charges of 50% of the total fee will apply.
  • If you cancel within 24 hours of planned treatment or do not attend our hospital at the correct time, you will be liable for the full charge.
  • For any cancellation 14 days or fewer before planned treatment, where any item/s specific to your treatment has been ordered and cannot be returned, we will be entitled to charge you for such item/s.
  • If following pre-assessment your consultant determines it is not suitable to proceed with treatment, a full report will be given and any advance payment you have made for services that have not been provided will be refunded to you.

We may have to cancel any appointment or admission date due to unavailability of key staff or materials without which we cannot provide your care. If this happens we will always try to rearrange any appointment. If we are unable to find a suitable alternative date and have to cancel the provision of any part of the Self-Pay Treatment that has not been provided to you, we will refund these amounts to the person who made the original payment.



What is included:

  • All consultants fees for the duration of your stay
  • Any pre-operative assessment if necessary before admission
  • All hospital services e.g. room, nursing services, operating theatre charges, pathology, inpatient therapy.
  • Charges for the agreed prosthesis (where your procedure involves any prosthesis)
  • Drugs and other materials used during your stay
  • Take home drugs advised by your consultant for up to five days after discharge
  • All additional costs necessary to provide your treatment e.g. hire of special instruments or equipment.
  • Outpatient treatment that you may require after you leave hospital (up to ninety days unless stated otherwise) that relates to the procedure including removal of sutures, removal of cast. Package excludes therapy.
  • Any re-admission to the hospital for medical complications arising from the original procedure for up to ninety days, subject to following post-operative recommendations as set by your consultant.
  • Replacement prosthesis in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty if the prosthesis fails during itsexpected lifetime.

The prices detailed in our quotation do not include:

  • Any outpatient diagnostic services
  • Fees for outpatient consultations before and after surgery
  • Treatment delivered in high dependency, intensive care or critical care as this is available free at the point of care from the NHS for those who are entitled to NHS care.
  • Personal charges for example, newspapers, guests’ food and beverages and telephone calls
  • If you choose to remain an inpatient after your consultant has advised there is no clinical reason for you to stay, we will make an additional charge for each night you remain in hospital.
  • Treatment of other conditions identified at pre-assessment which require a separate pathway ofcare
  • A replacement prosthesis where required due to normal wear and tear
  • Any long term care that may be required
  • Any revision procedure which is not clinically required (clinically required means where further intervention and /or monitoring of your condition is deemed necessary as a direct result of the original surgical intervention).

NHS treatment

If you are not entitled to free NHS care but you require NHS treatment and it is not included in your Self-PayTreatment, please note that you will be liable to pay any charges for any treatment or care provided by the NHS, and we may invoice you for any costs that we incur as a result of any NHS treatment, or deduct these costs from your credit card. We will tell you if we intend to take a payment from your card before we do so.

Should you undergo treatment with us, and as a result require emergency NHS care, the treatment you obtained from us under the Self-Pay Treatment will not preclude you from your right to access emergency NHS care.



I agree to pay for any and all services provided by Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in accordance with the terms and conditions set out above.






When we use the words “we”, “our” or “us” we mean the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. When we use the term “you” or “yours” we mean the person who will receive the care and services set out in our letter of confirmation.