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Skin camouflage is a combination of crème and powder which are designed to blend in with your natural skin colour. They cannot be used to help change the texture of the skin. The products can be used on a variety of skin conditions, pigment changes and scars for adults and children, they are not usually recommended for babies or very young children below 5 years old.

During the appointment the skin camouflage consultant will colour match you to the most suitable camouflage cream and powder. We will show you how to apply and remove the products and give you an opportunity to practice applying the camouflage products. We will provide advice and guidance on caring for your skin alongside using the camouflage products.

Please note we cannot provide you with supplies of the camouflage products during your consultation, but we will advise where you can purchase the camouflage products.

Please note during winter months we are not able to offer late appointments as natural light is needed for successful colour match.

Our Specialist Skin Camouflage Clinicians

Sara Boylin

Plastic Surgery Clinical Nurse Specialist
Chelsea and Westminster

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