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Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

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Endocrinology is the field of medicine that studies, diagnoses and treats disorders of the endocrine system, the system that controls hormones.

The endocrine system comprises glands that produce and secrete hormones.

Endocrine diseases develop when the glands don’t produce the right amount of hormones. Due to the importance of hormones in the human body, they are the cause of many disorders, including diabetes, thyroid conditions, appetite and obesity, cancer, bone problems and more.

Our endocrinologists work with and are supported by a wide multidisciplinary team of clinical specialists. We are able to provide endocrine investigations and any necessary endocrinology tests as well as treatments and surgical intervention where required.

Our Endocrinology Consultants

Daniel Morganstein

Consultant Endocrinologist
Chelsea and Westminster

Edson Nogueira

Consultant in Endocrinology, Diabetes and General Medicine
Chelsea and Westminster

Rebecca Scott

Consultant Endocrinologist, Diabetologist and Obstetric Physician
Chelsea and Westminster

Kevin Shotliff

Consultant Endocrinologist
Chelsea and Westminster

Our Consultants